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Mediation is an alternative dispute resolution process that is a structured negotiation between parties to a law suit facilitated by a mediator.  Charlene Edwards is a Certified Family Financial Mediator certified by the North Carolina Dispute Resolution Commission.

A  family  financial  dispute  is  one  involving  issues  such  as equitable distribution (division of marital assets and debts during divorce) and/or child or spousal support. Situations  where  a  party  is  alleged  to  have  violated  an  agreement  or  court  order involving a family financial issue may also be referred to a mediated settlement conference. A conference  can  be  ordered  by  the  court  or  requested  by  an  attorney  or  party.  Parties participating in a conference may also agree to discuss issues such as child support, custody and visitation.

Family financial cases filed in North Carolina’s district courts are routinely referred to mediated settlement conferences. While a mediated settlement conference is a legal proceeding and, as such, conducted with respect to all in attendance, it is a much less formal and intimidating process than a trial. The  conference offers an opportunity for parties to  settle their case and be saved the time, expense, and stress involved in lengthy litigation. The mediator is there to help facilitate a discussion between those present for the conference and, hopefully, to help you reach an agreement. The mediator is not a judge and will not advise you as to what action you should or should not take, nor can the mediator give any party legal advice.  Instead, during the conference, you and your spouse or former partner and any attorneys involved in your case will, with the assistance of the mediator, discuss your dispute and brainstorm possible ways to settle it.

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